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I have not been posting much when it comes to news on Lord Empires, but that doesn’t mean that nothing is being done! Unfortunately there would have been a slight setup on my small intends to make our game more “mobile phone” friendly. The main problem is the coder that was planning to work about the game has pulled out on account of personal reasons and also for the time being not very much has been done in that department.

Even So am planning a large improvement regarding making your website more adaptable to social networks, applying an alternative to logon making use of your facebook account (so no requirement to register on the site itself). Also i plan various other changes to boost promoting the game through social networks. A few of the options i plan’s the choice to talk about the game through email, facebook along with other networks whenever you join the game.

I will be also thinking of some minor changes and tweaks which gives members more to do while logged in. Not sure what that will be yet on the other hand am thinking about keeping the replacement for “improve relations” with other religious partners. This will assist increase the amount of happiness points you get inside the game.

I not really know if this stage will start though, it will probably be a while in January because my original coder provides extensive work on another project which wont be completed for around 30 days. He said probably 1st or 2nd week of January.

I’m hopefull that individuals can complete happens within 4-5 weeks, which means that after February the newest we must be all done, however everyone knows by investing in these Indian coders you cant ever know precisely every time a stage will be done.

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