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The Guru Order is an~online gaming and self development community run by Lord Empires founder and owner Christoforos Christofi, also know ans Mentor in numerous online games such as Cybernations and MMATycoon (among others). To join the Guru Order, you need to first register on Cybernations.net after which contact Mentor in game using the search.

As of this moment we are performing a regular newsletter to your members. For people unfamiliar on the term, a newsletter is basically an update of events regarding various topics of great interest.

I have been employing a similar newsletter setup in another game i play called and even though it really is totally unrelated to CN and just how the game it really is played, it may help allot in improving communication between your members as well as the community admin and its leadership.

My particular newsletter will likely be no less than once weekly ( let me try to get it once per week) we are sending an in game message regarding several topics, here are some of the topics involved.

- Current alliance affairs or updates
- Recent important announcements or council decisions
- The Guru Order philosophies and positions
- The Charter, rules & regulations
- Alliance history or related information
- Game tricks, tips and so forth
- About site and the ways to apply it

I have a special forum to “archive” all previous newsletters to assist newer members gain valued information.

Suggestions for newsletters will also be posted inside the council, assuming one of several Elders feels which our members have to know more details on some particular topic.

I might likewise use this chance by way of thanking our recruiters because of their fantastic work they certainly recently. I see we have had allot of the latest blood enter GO that is only good in the long term for all. Ironically with all the current war talk taking place, in most cases fun to recruit because so many alliances set off recruiting during uneasy periods (i.e war), So continue the excellent work! 

For those not involved in recruiting, check out our recruit chapters of the forums. We shell out 3 million US4 + 50 tech for every recruit, so it will be obviously greater lucrative thing you can get linked to in terms of Cybernations goes  : detective:

Also in case you have any questions, ask me, i am aware a thing or two about recruiting.


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