Two Step Verification for More Secure Online Transactions

Since the first invention that eventually named technology; the invention is designed to provide solutions as well as to simplify any kinds of complications in the human life. The modern technology is practically works the same. There are modern inventions one after another that are intended to solve problems, simplify complications and brought more opportunities. The computer and internet technology are two in one inventions that have changed the way human live and do many things. There are various fields affected after the invention and the use of computer and internet as part of the human daily life.

Business is one of the most affected fields when internet and computer is involved in various business activities. There are problems solved, complications simplified and more opportunities created with the involvement of the modern technology. The more common use of internet is practically providing a market and a media to make a connection between sellers and buyers. It is one of the greatest effects delivered by the use of internet in supporting business activities. The e commerce activities are invented and developed to create various online business activities. The presence of online stores is one of the simplest evidence of the involvement of internet in the field of business.

The more common practice of e commerce and online business activities is practically creating new business opportunities for providing products and services related to the e commerce and online business activities. One of the issues in the e commerce activities is the security. There are possible frauds lurking on the merchant’s online business activities. The situation that require simple protection is driving the programmers to create the fraud detection systems in order to provide proper business protection to the online merchants. The properly protected merchant may prevent any loss due to any fraud actions as well as to improve the efficiency of the business activities and also for reducing the operational cost.

The artificial intelligent system that combine the services related to the e commerce business and phone verification is intended to provide more security to the online merchants that are very vulnerable to the online business and transaction frauds. The two step verification that combines the transaction security system with the telephone ID is designed to provide multilayer protections during the online transaction activities. The automatic fraud defense technology can be very valuable for protecting online merchants in practicing e commerce activities; it can be the simplest solution for preventing losses due to online transaction frauds.

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