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Big name concerts and native music in Portland, Oregon have grown to be important aspects of the region’s culture. Included in the Pacific Northwest, the region has always had an inventive vibe, but in recent years the scene has blossomed. Young people are moving to Portland from from coast to coast, not for school or specific careers, but to relish in an authentic music culture. National acts such as Everclear, The Decemberists as well as the Dandy Warhols have put Portland on the music world map, while less well known local talent is playing for a well-supported scene. Portland music fans are in possession of a new resource at to find out about the scene, its artists and venues.

Music historians will observe that Portland’s musical heritage traces back to the sixties with the Kingsmen and Mark Lindsay, who joined Paul Revere & The Raiders. Quarterflash also made a mark  with some hits in the eighties. These days, a lot more people are talking about the local music scene than artists that have advanced to national and international levels. Acts like Chelsea Grin, Rival Sons, Olivia Duffy and Great Wilderness are happening attractions that are helping build Portland’s image as a growing music scene.

Using the website is exceedingly basic and and gives a fast way to discover events in Portland in great detail. If you want to discover local or visiting musicians scheduled to perform in Portland, click on “artists” near the top of the page. Around the big list of links, click a artist name like Brant Colella to discover when and where his next show is. Then watch the YouTube video to listen to just what the music sounds like. Some entries also list their genre, as Portland music carries a diverse variety of musical styles from heavy metal rock to classical.

Researching live venues for shows and locations is equally as easy. Simply click “venues” near the top of the page, which provides you with a long list of nightclubs and arenas with upcoming acts and performance times. Even festivals like the annual Vans Warped Tour and radio shows presented by KINK FM are often listed. Discover venue locations by clicking “get map”,  or upcoming concerts by clicking “show events.” This list also may include street fairs, college campus events, cafes, county fairs and even film festivals.

The best way to find out about upcoming shows is to click “events” on top of the page. You will then visit a lengthy listing of performances that lists the live act, the venue, time and date of the performance plus a YouTube video to preview the talent. Much of the info on the website is updated automatically, as it is powered by other platforms such as  and The site is additionally adding a Search engine box for user convenience and a way to learn information even more quickly.

Firms that wish to advertise on are able to do so easily and affordably either through sponsored tweets or Google Adwords. This exposure can be valuable, particularly for entities providing services to the music scene, such as musical instrument stores, live venues, and even bands themselves. Music in Portland is clearly alive and well and after this has brought the complete music scene, fans and advertisers all together.

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