One Solution for Your Geophysical Equipment

If you are a field researcher working in the areas of archaeology or mining science, you should already be well aware of the wide ranging line of products which Advanced Geosciences offers to the scientific community. Geophysical equipment from Advanced Geosciences Inc. is some of the world’s highest rated and best regarded equipment.

The reputation that Advanced Geosciences products enjoy on the modern international market place simply cannot be overstated. There are many scientists and researchers who will simply refuse to use equipment in the lab or in the field if it does not carry the AIG logo. When it comes to the issues of quality, durability, reliability, and efficiency, why should you settle for second best?

AIG is a company which has achieved a first rate reputation in the geophysical instrument industry. The company offers products such as the Super Sting R1/IP which continue to set the industry standard for quality. The R1/IP has recently been acclaimed as the single channel resistivity meter whose portability and noise reduction capacity are unchallenged on the market by any competitor’s product. Its growing reputation speaks for itself.

In the end, what matters is not the name on the label, but the reliability of the product itself. If you are currently using equipment made by one or another of the company’s so called “competitors”, you may wish to give this equipment a head to head comparison with the equivalent AIG product. It may well prove to be an eye opening experience.

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